June Open House

7th Annual June Dairy Month Open House

4pm to 7pm
June 26, 2014

Plymouth Dairy Farms
23505 K-49
LeMars, Iowa

Thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate June Dairy Month at Plymouth Dairy Farms on June 26. More than 2,000 people toured Plymouth Dairy Farm, ate and enjoyed the kids activities tent. Thank you to all the sponsors and volunteers who made the event possible.

Plymouth Dairy Farms was founded by the Feuerhelm family in the spring of 2000.  The first cows were milked on August 25, 2000. There are currently about 2,850 cows milked three times each day at the state-of-the-art farm.  Plymouth Dairy is committed to using the latest technology, resources and talent of employees in producing large quantities of high quality milk while protecting the environment and providing a positive way of life for its employees.

June Dairy Month is a great opportunity to celebrate the efforts of Iowa’s dairy farmers as they deliver a wholesome and nutritious supply of milk and dairy products and make a significant contribution to the state’s economy and rural communities.  Dairy is the fifth largest agricultural business in Iowa, generating $4 billion a year in economic activity from farming to dairy processing.  There are about 1,400 dairy farms in the state, and about 98 percent of the state’s farms are family-owned.

Dairy foods help make healthy eating easy. Three daily servings of dairy – milk, cheese or yogurt – provide excellent nutrition, value and taste.  Few foods deliver dairy’s powerhouse of nutrients in such an affordable, appealing and convenient way.  You can find dairy recipes, nutrition information and more information on dairy farm families at DairyMakesSense.com

For more information about the open house, visit www.wiadairy.com or “Western Iowa Dairy Alliance” on Facebook, or contact 712-441-5308 or info@wiadairy.com.