12th Annual Davis Dairy Day grows to over 500 students

Davis Dairy of Gilmore City held their 12th annual Dairy Day. What once started out as just have a class from the local elementary school to tour the dairy farm has grown to include over 500 students from schools across the region. Students from C-W-L(Luverne), Eagle Grove, Gilmore City-Bradgate, Humboldt, Manson NW Webster, St. Mary’s Catholic (Humboldt), Twin Rivers Elementary, West Bend-Mallard, Belmond- Klemme, and numerous preschool/daycare centers attended the event held at the Humboldt County Fairgrounds. This was the second year the event was held at the fairgrounds due to the large number of students attending.

Students had the opportunity to learn about different aspects of the agriculture industry. Students attended stations to learn about poultry eggs, agronomy, animal nutrition, and even rope making. Animals were brought to the fairgrounds for the event. The Humboldt FFA Chapter helped teach the children about the role goats, sheep, calves, pigs, and some other barnyard animals have on the farm. After seeing the animals and stopping at each station, the kids were treated with a dairy snack served by local volunteers and a wagon ride around the fairgrounds.